Philips Ambilight TV

Emotion beyond the screen

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Philips Ambilight TV


Ambilight that follows your mood :

By filling your living room with light that matches the colour of the on-screen action in real time, Ambilight not only makes the screen feel bigger. It envelopes you to give the feeling of being immersed in the drama.

Android TV

A Whole new world to explore :

Go beyond traditional TV programming with Google Play™ store. Experience endless movies, TV, music, apps and games online.

Philips P5 Engine

Whatever the source, always perfection :

On its journey to our televisions, the streamed content we enjoy today is processed, coded, compressed and packeted. Data gets left off, signals degrade and artifacts are introduced. Without correction, these flaws pass through to our TV screens. where they are faithfully reproduced in ultra high definition.


Responsive user interface

Your favorite Smart TV content is just a button away with the responsive Saphi Smart TV user interface. Its integrated dashboard facititates instant access to your collection of apps, from Netflix to BBC iPlayer

Dolby Vision.Atmos


Dolby Vision:

Transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring entertainment to life before your eyes.

Dolby Atmos:

Feel the action as sound moves around in three-dimensional space. Let Dolby Atmos transport you into a world where the ordinary turns into the extraordinary!